Welcome to SIIS

The Subsea Instrumentation Interface Standardisation (SIIS), a JIP run by OTM Networks, was established in 2003.  With a remit to create an open standard for the benefit of the oil and gas industry as a whole, SIIS recently finished producing the Recommended Practice (RP) and text for an API Standard, which defines three instrument interface protocols for communication between subsea control modules and subsea sensors:

  • Level 1: Analogue Devices:  These devices are 4-20mA sensors, 2 wire loop powered analogue output sensing devices.
  • Level 2: Digital Serial Devices (CANopen).
  • Level 3: Ethernet TCP/ IP Devices.

SIIS has 25+ member companies consisting of controls systems suppliers, instrument suppliers and operators.

Although the SIIS JIP has now delivered Levels 1-3 of the SIIS Recommended Practice, it is still possible to join the JIP.  For further details, please see membership tab.